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About Our Studio...

The Dianna Durkin Dance Studio (DDDS), located in the City of Green, has been teaching dance for over 50 years.  All classes are taught by qualified dance professionals who use a non-competitive approach to dance, while making classes fun and interesting for kids of all ages. Our focus is to teach discipline, improve learning skills, improve self confidence, encourage creativity, and develop of love of dance as an art form.  Most of our classes also have a teaching assistant, to give students a group lesson with time for individual attention. 

The studio has two large teaching rooms.  We also have one smaller room, used for make-ups or for any student needing extra attention during their lessons. 

The large teaching rooms have wood floating floors to help prevent injuries.

In addition, both studio A and B have large observation windows.  We welcome parents and friends to observe classes.

Our Annual Dance Recital
The Annual Dance Recital is in June.  We will notify students & parents in October, of the exact date for the Recital.  All students are encouraged to participate, but it is not mandatory.

At The Dianna Durkin Dance Studio, we use dance competition as a fun and exciting learning experience. It is up to the individual teacher of each class to determine when the students are ready to attend competitions.  We do participate in some competitions to give our students performance opportunities. If we did not compete, opportunities to perform would be very limited.  The students have to be willing to work hard and practice, practice, practice!



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